Monday, November 30, 2009

Isn't it Romantic?

As I've mentioned before, I'm a member of the Trade-A-Holics team. We not only love to trade with each other (and others), but we've also become pretty close. We share about our families, and all the good and bad stuff that goes with it.

One of the team members is NiteLilly3, a great crafter, and like many of us, is struggling to make ends meet. She has a fiance who's currently serving our country at Gitmo, Cuba. They are anxious to get married, but, with times being tough, they've had to postpone their dreams.

Well, she got an email today from her fiance, and he wants her to come to Cuba in January, so they can get married! Apparently, he just can't wait any longer to make her a Mrs., and start their lives together. She would love to go, but just needs the cash!

And so, here's my attempt to help out a great Etsian, and a good friend! Check out her shops, nitelily3 for beautiful sewn items, nitelilykids for cute goodies for kids, and nitelilyglamour for lovely special occasion accessories. You won't just be getting lovely items, you'll be helping to start someone's future!

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  1. Good Morning! My parents have lived in GTMO for the past 6 years - it would probably be much cheaper for them to get married in the states:

    He should have 1 or 2 free trips off island per year (depends on how long there/rank/etc), plus be able to travel at a lower rate. It would probably be more cost effective if he used one of his free trips up to the U.S., got married in the U.S. and then went down together on space A travel (it is $450 for non-DoD who make the trip - as she would be unmarried, versus $26 (or so) for "dependents" if they are flexible in travel and traveling with him on space available...). If you want to try to get her/her fiance in touch with my parents who may be able to give them advice, you may pass on my e-mail to her: shoredebris at live dot com