Sunday, November 29, 2009

Traders to Check Out Part 1: The Soapers

I'm starting a mulit-part series, dedicated to my new friends, and latest trading acquisitions. I have found many fabulous artists and their creations; some have been given as gifts, while others I kept as a treat for myself! Before I joined Etsy, I had never thought about using handmade bath products (well, I did, but I chalked it up to more of the hippie/vegan lifestyle, which is totally not me!) Boy, have I been missing out!

My first soap trade was with GemsAndDolls; it was for some sim
ple, unscented goat's milk soap. It has made my skin look and feel fabulous, and it's gentle enough to use as a facial wash, as well as on my boys. I've
also acquired some yummy-smelling soy tarts and these cool sp
ider soaps, which the Sleepys have loved! And, with allergies and cold season upon us, I asked her to whip me up a batch of eucalyptus/mint soaps and lotion; they are wonderful for congested kids (and moms and dads!)

I recently got some solid lotion bars from TheMuddyMoose, and they smell absolutely fabulous! I'm giving one to my mom and my sister (ssshhh, don't tell!)

And I think it was during the last big trading frenzy that I got a couple of these beauties, made
by HillsideBathandBody. They are so big, you need two hands to hold it! Lisa, the mastermind behind this creation, suggests cutting it into smaller, more user-friendly pieces (which also makes it last that much longer!)

There's lots of other great soapers, and other bath and beauty product-makers on Etsy. Trying them out could be a life-changing experience!