Saturday, November 28, 2009

Well, Here I Go!

Welcome to my new blog!

I'm a stay-at-home mom to two little boys, Big, age 4 1/2, and Lil, age 2. When I'm not wrangling these two boys, I definitely like to keep myself busy! I have two shops on Etsy, 2Sleepyheads Quilted Creations, where I sell a variety of sewn and quilted items, and CleanAsAWhistle, where I sell handmade household cleaning supplies. I'm also active in my local MOMS Club, a support group for stay-at-home moms, as well as Beta Sigma Phi, an international women's organization.

Now, I can't promise that I'll be posting often, but I hope to share things that are interesting to you!

I do have a story to share before I close this post. Even though Lil is barely 2 years old, I can count on one hand the number of times he's had his hair cut. This is for two reasons: 1) his hair grows super-slow, especially compared to his brother's, and 2) it's usually not a pleasant experience to get it cut. Now, I'm not the cool mom that lets her boys have long hair, so eventually, a cut hast to happen. This morning, since "Mickey Mouse Choo-Choo Express" was on (one of Lil's favorite episodes) I decided to take advantage of it, and try and get a cut in. Well, you would have thought I was cutting off his arms and legs! The screaming and crying lasted for a good 20 minutes while getting the cut, and at least that long afterwards, getting him cleaned up. It's not perfect, but it's done, and hopefully good enough to last him 3-4 months till his next one!


  1. hi sweet sleepy! glad you've joined us in the world of mommy blogging!


  2. I hope you have as much fun with your blog I love blogging and blog surfing. Time is definately and issue, but love it when I can. And I remember those haircuts all too well!