Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Word of Mouth

While I currently only have 2 diaper bags in my shop, I've made several for friends, especially my Hubby's coworkers. In fact, it's become a little tradition in his office to get a diaper bag from me! That makes me feel good, knowing that my work is not just appreciated, but almost sought-after!

Last week, I was contacted by one of Hubby's coworkers, because she wanted to purchase a bag for her sister. She sent me pictures of her nursery bedding, and I went on the search for fabric to coordinate. I found some lovely fabric from They came in the mail a day or so ago, and I took them to Hubby's work to show his coworker. She loves them, and can't wait to see the finished bag!

When Lil Sleepy and I showed up at Hubby's office, he was having a little meeting with yet another coworker who sports one of my bags. She told me that, at the day care her kids attend, there were several moms looking to purchase diaper bags. As she put it, the sample bag wasn't nearly as roomy or have as many pockets, so she wanted a bunch of business cards to give them, to send them my way! So, I'm hoping, with her help, to get a few custom orders!

I've also made flyers, advertising my nap mats, using the widget on I'm hoping to hand them to the parents in Big's preschool class, as they are all preparing for Kindergarten, just like we are. I know getting your name "out there" on Etsy can be a daunting task; I'm hoping this local word-of-mouth movement will help swing some business my way!

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